Satin rabbits have very soft and smooth fur. They are a slightly smaller meat rabbit, but have traditionally been bred as a dual purpose meat and fur rabbit. There is some demand now for Satins as pets, since they feel so nice to handle.

They are a cold hardy and active breed, that can have distinct personalities. Size can depend a lot on bloodlines and feeding.

Satins are a good rabbit to use for cross breeding when you want hybrid vigor.

  • Type - meat, fur
  • Size - medium to large
  • Production Capability - good producers of slightly smaller fryers
  • Special Features - very soft fur
  • Best for Farms - good for small families or those who want a dual purpose for meat and pet markets
  • Egg, Milk, Meat Features - typical
  • Other Products - some market for pets
  • Historic or Contemporary Significance - solid homestead breed
  • Housing and Space Requirement - typical for meat rabbit
  • Regional Adaptations - adaptable
  • Feed Requirement - very feed efficient
  • Other Considerations - Satins are a breed that is not recognized by many people, but which you can usually find through a net search. Pet the rabbit before you buy.



There are a gazillion rabbit breeds. We don't have all the good meat rabbits listed here (if we missed a particularly good one, let us know, it does not have to be endangered).

Rabbits produce a lot of young, so they are subject to fairly lax endangerment standards. They are not considered endangered until there are very VERY few left - the numbers are much lower than for many other species.

This means that some breeds NOT considered endangered may still be very difficult to obtain. It also means that by the time they ARE endangered, they may be IMPOSSIBLE to obtain. But many are still available unregistered, even when considered endangered. It is confusing.

If it is practically impossible to obtain the animals, we have not listed them. If they have genetic problems, are difficult to breed to a fussy standard that is irrelevant to utility, we have also not included them as a rule.

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