Livestock or Monetary Donations

We accept livestock or monetary donations for research and development purposes. This does NOT mean we will inject animals or slather them with anything to use them for the development of products. It does mean we will assess the breed, and set a goal for the breed, and then use the animals in one of two ways:

1. Side by side comparison tests for dietary research. In no case will animals be deprived of anything considered essential. This research consists principally of feeding one group of animals on a commercial feeding regimen (as recommended by the USDA), and another on a natural feeding regimen, or of feeding one group of the same animals with a USDA recommended feeding regimen, and another group with the same feed plus natural supplementation with foods high in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, or other nutrients.

2. Fertility and production improvement programs. This consists of selective breeding and dietary adjustments to improve utility traits or fertility in breeds that have specific issues which make them less practial for homesteads, but which have other traits which are desirable for the small farm.

Donated animals may not be spayed or neutered, and must not have contractual limitations on breeding or utility purposes. We cannot accept rescue animals except where initial veterinary care has already been provided.

Donated animals will be dedicated to a research or breeding project, and results of the project will be published for Heritage Livestock Breeders members.

Donated funds will be dedicated to expenses related to research projects in progress, or research projects which are in the planning stage and waiting on funding. Our ability to apply funds to a specific project will depend on the status of that project, and total necessary funds for the project if it is not yet under way.

We do not have a list of needed animals, you will need to ask us if the breeds which you have are suitable for any of our existing projects. We generally have room to accommodate additional small livestock, but must be sure we have adequate pasture and shelter space for larger livestock.

We will exchange donated livestock for memberships, based on value.

We also accept ORIGINAL, and UNIQUE content submissions for our website, and for printed materials, with credits and URL listed.

Please contact us if you have livestock which you would like to donate.


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