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About Heritage Livestock

Heritage Livestock breeds include breeds that have been established for many decades, or sometimes many centuries, and which have a history that makes them worth preserving.

Many Heritage Breeds are either endangered, or they have been sloppily rescued and have lost utility traits that were the reason why the breed was developed in the first place.

Modern incarnations of many Heritage Breeds are not what they were ever intended to be - in part because some have been rescued sloppily from the brink of extinction, but also because many other heritage breeds have been corrupted by intensive breeding for show, rather than productivity, or they have been crossed with high producers to achieve abnormally high productivity which results in a loss of many hardiness and self-sufficiency characteristics.

Heritage breeds are now in need of careful breeding, in environments that encourage the traits for which the breeds were developed. Many heritage breeds are most suited to backyard and homestead farms, both for breeding needs, and for utility suitability.

Every type of livestock has a broad range of heritage breeds which are in need of preservation, and the purpose of this website is to encourage preservation, and to make Heritage breeds more accessible.

Finding good quality stock can be difficult when you want a rare breed, or even a specific strain in a common breed (some breeds have lost characteristics and finding bloodlines that have retained them can be difficult). We would love for these older utility breeds to be available again across the US, or regionally where appropriate.

Our Breeds lists are by no means comprehensive, we welcome submissions for inclusion - we will review the breed, and if it meets our criteria, we will add a page and description. Please use our Contact form to let us know.

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